Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. You've probably heard that most men die with prostate cancer, not from it. There is currently a lot of disagreement in the medical community about how best to treat  cancer, or even if some cases need to be treated at all. But that's not what this article is about so we won't get into that controversy. One common treatment for cancer is irradiation.  Modern methods of performing external beam radiotherapy are pretty good at only irradiating the cancer it is focused on, sparing the surrounding healthy tissues. However, this gland is located right next to the colon. Virtually on top of it.

Green Laser for the Prostate!

It is not uncommon to accidentally irradiate the neighboring colon while irradiating the gland. Sometimes the damage from the radiation causes the colon to bleed.  If the colon starts bleeding and doesn't stop, the doctors are going to need to go in and stop the bleeding. The easiest way to stop the bleeding is to cauterize the site with a laser. The laser is inserted into the anus and advanced to the site of the bleeding. Before performing this procedure, most doctors prefer to have the rectum and colon cleaned out in order to visualize and access the bleed site with greater ease. A full medical colonic cleansing is a time-consuming and unpleasant procedure, involving drinking a gallon or so of unpleasant-tasting liquid.

Poison in the System

Remember that there are many chemicals, that will make you ill, in the liquids to clean out the bowels.

The chemicals in the liquid stimulate the bowel to contract and empty itself, meaning the patient spends a lot of time sitting on the toilet. Often the patient suffers considerable discomfort from cramping during the cleansing procedure. Not surprisingly, some patients try to clean the colon before their laser procedure with just an enema. Now, an enema is an excellent cleansing procedure but it only cleans out the lower parts of the colon, not the whole thing. With just the lower part of the colon cleaned out, the surgeon can access the site of the bleed with the laser and cauterize it.

This is a diagram showing the close proximity of the prostate and the colon.   #9 - Rectum & Colon & #12 - Prostate.

  However, because there is still fecal matter present in the upper part of the colon there is likely to be gas present. When a hot laser meets gas, an explosion can occur. Inside your colon. After your gut explodes, you'll have to have major surgery to clean out your insides and stitch the colon back together. Before undergoing any kind of medical procedure on your colon, it might be a good idea to have it thoroughly cleaned out.  Just in case. As previously mentioned, the usual medical colon cleansing procedure is very unpleasant and time consuming. An alternative, much gentler method for cleansing the colon is colonic irrigation here at the Boulder Center for Vibrant Health.

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