Polyps in the Colon

We hear more and more of colon cancer, of people dying of it. It’s in the news and usually with a report on ways to prevent it, including colonoscopies looking for polyps in the colon.  But, what exactly is a polyp, how do polyps get there and why? 

Polyp:  1. Extra tissue that develops inside the large intestine.

Being Mindful can save your life!

I wanted to put a page on polyps in the colon on my website because I believe that if more people did colon hydrotherapy, there might not be so many dying of colon cancer.  Maybe they would be more mindful of their colon and their health.  

Treat your Colon with Kindness.

The colon is the most neglected organ in the body.  Why is that?  Well, I think  we have the best food and drink anywhere.  I don’t care what other countries say about us Americans, you should check out my Rachel Ray cookbook.  I eat really well here in America and so do many of us.  Unfortunately, obesity is at an all time high but that is because people haven’t learned to eat the right kinds of foods yet.  It can be done. 

Studies have found that people who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop polyps.  Also, diet plays a big part.  Lots of  meat, fat, refined grains and desserts will significantly impact the amount of polyps the gastroenterologist finds during your cancer check. Jump start your system if you are overweight or obese by doing this.  Believe me,  I understand the challenges our society faces when trying to lose a bit.

However, bad food leads to an unhappy colon, and people don’t think to take care of their colon the way they might take care of their heart or their brain. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that your long-term health depends on avoiding potentially dangerous agrichemicals in your food.  Go organic whenever possible.

So back to polyps in the colon.  These little critters can be raised or flat growths on the inner lining of the large intestine (colon). Flat polyps can be smaller and harder to see and more likely to be cancer than raised polyps. 

Most people with polyps have no symptoms until it is advanced and dangerous. During your colonoscopy, the doctor can see if there are any polyps in the colon.  Then if they find anything suspicious or possibly cancerous, radiation and chemo will follow depending on the stage of the cancer. 

Why do I have these polyps in the colon?

So why are these polyps growing in our colons anyway? Often, people do not know they have a polyp until the doctor discovers it during a routine checkup or while testing the person for something else.

A few risk factors are:

1. Family History: There is a hereditary link.

2. Tobacco use:  Carcinogens from the tabacco enter the colon.

3. 50 or older: This is the recommended age unless there is concern from the patient or the doctor.

4. Alcohol use:  Alcohol use increases the incidence of developing polyps and will make them grow larger if you have them already.

5. Sedentary: Exercise stimulates the wave-like muscular contracion that helps push waste through your colon.

6.  High intake of fatty foods: Research indicates that diets high in fatty foods increase the incidence of developing polyps in the colon.

7. Overweight/obese: The distribution of body fat appears to be an important factor, with abdominal obesity showing the strongest association with colon cancer risk.

If you are regularly constipated, please click here, which means the waste stays in your colon for longer than it should, you have a greater chance of developing polyps in the colon.

So you can see how colon hydrotherapy ties in to all of this seamlessly.  Colon hydrotherapy ends the constipation by toning your colon and making it work again. Even better, you can learn to clean up your diet by becoming mindful and consulting with me, and then you do your 4 yearly detox cleanses, please click here, and regular colon hydrotherapy.

With a little consideration, you can keep your colon happy and healthy and in so doing reduce your risk for colon cancer.

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