Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is so important for keeping healthy.

Taking medications, stress, overeating, consuming processed foods and other factors can affect your digestive system. As a result, many people don’t digest their food well and struggle with constipation, bloating and too much abdominal gas.  

We all love to eat!  Sometimes we eat to excess and then the problems begin.

But thanks to a treatment called colon hydrotherapy, you can have your colon detoxed and cleansed so that digestive distress is relieved. If you’re prone to digestive discomfort, here’s what you need to know.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Although it’s considered to be a recent treatment,  it actually dates back to the ancient Egyptians where it was used for promoting good health, more energy and for cosmetic purposes.

Also called colon irrigation, colonics or other names, this procedure is a drug-free colon cleansing system that removes toxins from the large intestine also known as the colon. Besides getting rid of body waste, this procedure also stimulates healthy bacteria growth and successfully removes body waste.  

What's involved in a Typical Session?

  • First, you fill out a form in which you answer questions about your medical history.
  • Next, you put on a gown and lie on a table. Your therapist inserts a speculum into your anus. This disposable medical tool connects two plastic hoses to the colon hydrotherapy device.
  • Warm, pure-filtered water is flushed through the hose into your rectum to soften and loosen waste material so that it passes out of your body and is safely disposed. To help the procedure, your therapist may softly massage your abdomen.
  • When the session is over you will sit on the toilet for approximately 7 minutes to clear out any remaining waste and water left over from the session.


  • Don’t worry about odor. Neither you nor your therapist can smell the feces. However, your therapist may note their color by gazing through the clear, plastic hose.
  • There may be a small degree of abdominal discomfort during the procedure.
  • Most sessions run from 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Besides exercising your colon muscles, a colon irrigation also reshapes your colon. Take a look at the colons on the right side of the poster.  These colons are from  supposedly healthy bodies. It should look like the one on the left.

This is why!

Health and Sickness both have their roots in the colon. What’s more, this procedure also promotes good health, a general feeling of well-being and hydrates your entire body.

If you think you could benefit from this service, visit the Boulder Center for Vibrant Health.This is one of the various digestive health services we provide. Please contact us, and let us answer your questions.  

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