Body Detox - Is it necessary?

Toxins Are Everywhere

What is a toxin:  It's a poisonous substance that is harmful to your body.  They are everywhere.  Some are man-made like gasoline and pesticides.  Some are natural that result from daily living. This is why it is so important to do a body detox. There are also toxins in the food we eat, the water we drink and our lifestyle.  The truth is that today's food supply is sadly out of sync with our bodies’ nutritional needs.  Some of us are more toxic than others, based on many different factors.

Unfortunately, you probably aren’t going to learn much about Body Detoxification from your doctor. Most physicians today don't get it. They were simply never taught about nutrition and detoxification in medical school.

However, there are many things you can do to reduce your toxic exposures and enhance your detoxification.

You can avoid illnesses by doing a Body Detox

If we don't get rid of these toxins with a body detox what do you think will happen?  Illness, fatigue, headaches, mood disorders, and those nagging pains that let you know something is wrong somewhere.  Toxins in the body can build up and damage cells and tissues, leading to diseases including Cancer, Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, Autism, Attention deficit disorder, Depression and other mood disorders, Insomnia, Autoimmune disease, Menstrual problems - heavy bleeding, cramps, PMS, menopausal symptoms, mood changes and hot flashes. 

Our own natural detoxification systems—the liver, kidneys, intestines  no  such thing as a colon transplant as far as I know and skin—worked really well about 100 years ago, but then something happened. Human society was transformed from a pre-industrial to an industrial state.  Before industrialization, we were growing our own food and raising animals without excess chemicals, hormones or drugs added.  We lived a more peaceful life and our air and water were cleaner.  As we are all genetically and biochemically unique, some of us can rid the body of toxins and waste and others cannot.  

I, unfortunately, cannot and tended to get headaches often as well as colds several times a year. Not anymore though!

The Star Organ

The star organ of body detoxification is the liver.  It has to filter out everything that we ingest.  All sorts of everyday toxins—too many Tylenol or Advil, too much beer or wine or the exposure to cleaning fumes—can cause liver damage.You really want to avoid having to get a new liver!  The liver uses various enzymes to break down toxins.  That debris is then transported via bile to the intestines for removal. The feces that result at the end of digestion are one of your bodys' detoxes main ways of getting rid of the toxins that have accumulated in the body.  We always see plenty of bile during colon hydrotherapy.  

Your body is really no different than your car.  If you want it to run trouble free do the maintenance. Your liver, if it is healthy, can be as efficient at age 80 at it was at age 20. I bet this guy had too much to drink last night!

Today, we are exposed to toxins more and more often than our pre-industrial ancestors were in their entire lives.

Another way to encourage your body to remove toxins is through massage. A massage helps move toxins out of your muscles into your bloodstream where they get excreted through urine; that’s why your massage therapist always encourages you to drink plenty of water after a treatment.  

The belly wraps we offer are another wonderful way to rid the body of even more toxins and belly fat.  Facial wraps are great for drawing out impurities and they leave the skin glowing.  Facial wraps and belly wraps are available here at the clinic and are a wonderful compliment to your healthy routine.

Exposed to Toxins?

When was the last time you were exposed to a toxin?  Probably within minutes of reading this. When was the last time you helped your body detox and remove those toxins? Here is a recommendation for you to do a body detox before coming in for your appointment. Click here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our services can help detox your body, contact us today for a consultation. 

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