Benefits of Colon Cleanse

How often do you really consider your bowels other than when something is going wrong with them? I'm guessing not very often, unless you’re suffering from constipation, diarrhea, or a pain in your belly.  Sometimes people will ask what benefits of colon cleanse are—why do this in the first place?  I  have no problems in that department they say.  

I say think again. There are many benefits, because even if your bowels are wonderfully effective at removing waste from the body, sometimes several times a day, we still find ourselves living in a toxic environment.  Click here to understand more on benefits of colon cleanse in the body

You really need to put some thought into what's going on in your intestines. With the advent of processed foods and air travel to foreign lands, we really need colon cleansing now more than at any other time in history. The air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat are all adversely affected by toxins, and we all need to do everything we can to keep our bowels in healthy working order and to make sure they are not being negatively affected by our surroundings.  

Many of my clients brave enough to look at the view tube of my bowel cleansing devise cannot believe what they see coming out of their bodies.  As difficult as this may seem to believe, the intestines, large and small, are a combined 30 feet in length!  These intestines have the incredible job of sorting out the toxins from the good stuff and absorbing only the right nutrients into your body.  So much of the detoxification effort put forth by our bodies takes place all along this 30-foot length. So wouldn't it make sense to take good care of this and not have them make the mistake of absorbing the wrong thing? This is one benefit of a colon cleanse.

Let's face it: Most American’s diets are deplorable.  Our food choices are often bad, and even when we make good choices, we cannot be guaranteed of the quality of the food.  I always try and go organic whenever possible to ensure that my choice is a wise one, but what do you do when you choose to (or must) dine out, at a friend’s house, attend a party? Even foods that are otherwise fine can become toxic when we eat too much. Too much sugar in your body can have a variety of toxic effects—don't believe me? Just ask someone who suffers from diabetes.

I suggest doing a colon cleanse every other month—or 6 times a year—for optimal health.  This would be an excellent practice to help you rid your body of abnormal flora and on the path to better health.

Interested in finding out how regular colon cleansing and the benefits of colon cleanse might compliment the steps you’re already taking to improve your health? Contact me for a consultation today.

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