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Our colons are the most neglected organ in the body. If you feel that you have not been caring properly for yours lately, you’re in the right place. I have dedicated an entire site to this important piece of the anatomy. Colon Hydrotherapy is so gentle too!

Is Your Colon Out of Shape?

After years of abusing your large intestine, it becomes “out of shape” or toxic, and you’re just not having those great bowel movements you once were. The intestines are just as important as the other organs in our body.

Toxins are everywhere! There is no disagreement that we have more toxins in our environment now than 50 or 100 years ago. The disagreement is about the impact of these toxins in our environment. However, we can arm our bodies against all this with proper and healthy nutrition, proper rest and healthy emotions.

I provide relief of constipation for some folks. For others, it gives them a head start in the right direction for a healthier lifestyle with better food choices. For still others, it helps to flush out toxins that can accumulate during a detox cleanse. Toxins left in the body will cause flu-like symptoms.

Should I Keep Taking Laxatives

Most of us know the discomfort we feel when we are backed up. I used to reach for laxatives like everyone else, until I came across Colonic Irrigations. I find it to be so much more thorough to clean out. You can also become dependent on laxatives. We should all try and avoid over-the-counter chemical laxatives as these may lead to a dependency.  Hydrotherapy will never lead to that. In fact, the more colonics you do, the more toned your colon will be and the more efficient. It is similar to what happens to your muscles when you are in the gym lifting weights.

What's Going to Happen to my Colon Now?

The treatment is carried out with you lying on the treatment table, undressed and wearing a treatment gown. After the speculum is inserted, the water flows in and out facilitating the release of waste matter under the control of the therapist. As the water is introduced into the bowel, you will feel an increase of pressure, which is the colon getting ready to release. As the waste flows out, you will then feel a release of the pressure. The weirdest thing about the whole process is that you feel like you are actually having bowel movements, while lying down as opposed to being on the toilet. Once you get over the initial strangeness of that, usually after about 5 minutes, it’s smooth sailing and is a relaxing and comfortable process and you wonder what all the fuss was about.

It's Entirely Up to You

Either you’re going to feel great, or live a life filled with illness and fatigue. It’s your choice. My goal here is to have every person who passes through my site’s doors to understand how vitally important periodic cleansing is. As a society, let’s not be so dependent on pharmaceuticadrugs. The medical society has a money making scheme of addressing only symptoms instead of the root cause of disease. Colon Cleansing is a great alternative for you if you are having your Colonoscopy soon.

People should be schooled in stool!

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